本文摘要:Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce company, has a new partner in rooting out products deemed unsafe for American consumers, but the cooperation could also bring it more headaches.中国电商企业阿里巴巴有了一个新的伙伴,协助其根治那些被指出对美国消费者不安全性的产品,但涉及合作也可能会给该公司带给更加多令人头痛的事情。

Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce company, has a new partner in rooting out products deemed unsafe for American consumers, but the cooperation could also bring it more headaches.中国电商企业阿里巴巴有了一个新的伙伴,协助其根治那些被指出对美国消费者不安全性的产品,但涉及合作也可能会给该公司带给更加多令人头痛的事情。The company, which listed its shares in New York in September, is teaming up with a United States government agency to prevent its online platforms from exporting items to America that have been recalled. The agreement is likely to have its largest effects on Alibaba’s business-to-business site, which sells goods produced by Chinese manufacturers to American importers and businesses.9月在纽约上市的阿里巴巴正在与美国一家政府机构合作,以避免其在线平台向美国出口已被解任的货物。

阿里巴巴旗下企业对企业的网站有可能是不受涉及协议影响仅次于的,该网站主要面向美国进口商和企业销售中国厂家生产的商品。The agency, the Consumer Product Safety Commission, said it would provide Alibaba lists of recalled items, and in turn, Alibaba said it would ensure that those products were not for sale to companies or individuals in America. Alibaba has a small business facilitating the sale of goods to American consumers.参予合作的政府机构美国消费品安全性委员会(Consumer Product Safety Commission)回应,将向阿里巴巴获取被解任产品名录,而阿里巴巴则回应将保证不面向美国的企业或个人销售涉及产品。阿里巴巴旗下有一家小公司专门负责管理增进面向美国消费者的商品销售。The commission’s chairman, Elliot F. Kaye, cited the recall last year of high-powered magnets being sold as toys in the United States, noting that recently some companies on Alibaba’s sites had sold the magnets wholesale.该委员会主席埃利奥特·F·凯(Elliot F. Kaye)提及了去年在美国被当作玩具销售的高性能磁铁被解任一事,并认为最近,阿里巴巴网站上的部分公司在以杂货的方式销售这种磁铁。

Mr. Kaye said the new cooperation would help ensure that listings for dangerous items like the magnets — which were recalled because of a number of instances in which children ingested them, frequently necessitating surgery — would no longer be purposely or inadvertently imported by smaller United States companies.凯回应,新的进行的合作将有助保证美国小企业仍然进口——不管是无意还是有意——像前述磁铁那样的危险物品。前述高性能磁铁之所以被解任,是因为再次发生了一些事故,儿童吐出磁铁,经常必须展开手术。The cooperation serves as a test for Alibaba, which despite taking steps to clean up its e-commerce sites, retains a reputation for selling just about any product — brand, fake or occasionally dangerous.合作是对阿里巴巴的一次考验。

尽管采行了诸多措施整顿旗下的电商网站,但阿里巴巴仍然因为完全什么产品都买而声名远播,其网站上有品牌货,也有假货,有时候还不会有危险物品。It is also a risk. If the company fails to live up to its end of the bargain, Mr. Kaye said the commission would not hesitate to pressure the company.此举也有风险。


如果阿里巴巴没能信守允诺,凯回应该委员会将毫不犹豫地被迫其屈服。Though Alibaba said last month that it spent about $160 million combating the sale of fake goods on its sites in 2013 and 2014, many companies complain that Alibaba can be slow to pull down listings of pirated goods. Others point out that removed listings often quickly reappear under different names.阿里巴巴上月回应,该公司在2013年和2014年投放了多达10亿元人民币,压制旗下网站上的假货交易,但还是有许多公司反感于阿里巴巴压制正版产品时行动迟缓。还有一些公司认为,被删除的产品往往迅速又不会换回个名字新的经常出现。

“We’re certainly going to hold their feet to the fire,” Mr. Kaye said on Tuesday at the Hong Kong Toys and Games Fair.“我们认同不会让他们深感有压力,”凯周二在香港玩具展(Hong Kong Toys and Games Fair)上说道。Mr. Kaye said the agency would start with a list of five to 15 products at the top of the regulator’s priority list, then expand it. The commission, which first approached Alibaba about cooperation roughly two years ago, expects problematic items to be taken down in a matter of hours, he said.凯回应,消费品安全性委员会首先不会获取一份名单,上面不会所列该机构重点特别强调的五到十五种产品,然后再行扩展名单。他说道,大约两年前,委员会首次就合作事宜寻找了阿里巴巴。

该委员会期望问题商品在几小时之内下架。“We’re not a very patient lot, and if it doesn’t happen pretty quickly, then they’ll be hearing from us,” he said, adding that he hoped an automated system could be worked out.“我们可不是一群有冷静的人,如果事情没能迅速获得处置,他们就不会了解到我们的应付措施,”他说道。他还回应期望能制订一个自动化系统。The good-faith agreement raises the more complicated issue of cross-border Internet regulations. In recent years, China has pushed hard for the United States to accept the idea that Internet companies operating in different nations follow the rules and laws of their own nations. And countries like China have demanded that United States companies censor content or provide their governments with private user data to remain in compliance with their laws.这个用心良苦的协议明确提出了更加简单的跨国互联网监管问题。


In this case, Alibaba is agreeing to respect United States laws.在此事中,阿里巴巴表示同意认同美国法律。Discussing potential concerns about setting a precedent on Internet regulation, Mr. Kaye said, “From my perspective, there’s enough known good that will result from this that if it turns out there are unfortunate side effects, we will try to work to ameliorate those.”谈及在互联网监管方面首创先例有可能不存在的问题,凯说道,“在我看来,此举未知的益处够多了,如果经常出现有利的副作用,我们将希望提高。